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Your gutters are tasked with the critical responsibility of channeling rainwater that lands on your roof away from your home. To function properly, they need to be tightly secured to your home so they will remain intact even in severe weather conditions. Gutter hangers are spaced every two to three feet and secured firmly to the roofline during installation, ensuring the gutters stay in place no matter what Mother Nature throws at them.

Today, Gutter Helmet® of Cookeville, experts in how to clean gutters with gutter guards, explains what you need to know about the different types of gutter hangers.

Spikes and Ferrules

In this type of gutter hanger, a spike is driven through a metal tube called a ferrule across the gutter and into the fascia. While easier to install than other types of hangers, spikes and ferrules can come loose when exposed to temperature extremes and freeze-thaw cycles.

Brackets and Straps

Often used with the half-round gutter style, bracket-strap systems wrap around the gutter for added strength. They have the advantage of allowing the gutter to expand and contract with changing temperatures. Be careful when cleaning your gutters, though—this type of hanger can get knocked off.

Hidden Hangers

These hangers are placed horizontally inside the gutter and screwed into the fascia board. They provide a “cleaner” look than other hanger types and can add more stability and support to the entire gutter system.

At Gutter Helmet of Cookeville, we specialize in installing new gutter systems and improving existing ones. We install seamless gutters by securing them to your roofline using the best type of gutter hanger for your specific needs. And as an expert on how to clean gutters with gutter guards, we can boost your gutters’ performance even further with Gutter Helmet, the only gutter protection system you’ll ever need.

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