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Choosing the best rain gutter system involves knowing the different types and styles. When looking to install one on your home, consider the shape and configuration of your choice. Carolina Gutter Helmet® and More, your local provider of gutter protection systems, discusses them further to help you make an informed decision.

Half-Round Gutters

This gutter system has a distinct round tube shape with curled-top outer edges on both sides. Commonplace in old, historic homes, they are still a widely popular choice for many homeowners today. Often made of copper, they have since become available in other metallic materials like galvanized steel, zinc and aluminum.

Keeping them in place during installation requires the use of special rods and brackets. The need for more materials makes the whole system heavier than its counterpart. Even so, the half-round configuration allows for easier debris cleaning and smoother flow of rainwater.

K-Style Gutters

This gutter system is so called because of its K-shaped profile, which is noticeable from the sides. Characterized by its flat backs and bottoms, it also has a deep length that gives it the ability to hold more water than half-round gutters.

K-style gutters are available in standard five- to six-inch variants, though you may also find others that extend to another inch or two. When you have a modern home, this gutter system is your best choice. It doesn’t require much installation work since it can be fastened directly to the fascia.

Regardless of your choice gutters, it would be great if you also invested in an efficient protection system. At Carolina Gutter Helmet and More, we offer high-quality gutter protection systems to make your gutters function for longer. For more information about our products and services, give us a call at (866) 882-8292. You may also fill out our contact form to request a free quote. We serve residents of Greer, SC.