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Areas of your home with wooden components must be protected from water damage. Otherwise, you might be dealing with the spread of rot. In addition to being annoying, this problem can wreak havoc to your home when left ignored. Gutter Helmet® of Eastern Shore, your local installer of gutter caps, explains this common issue.

Wood Rot and How It Compromises Your Home

Rot is a result of a fungus that grows and multiplies in damp areas. Wood, for the most part, is vulnerable to this form of damage. With the right amount of oxygen and temperature levels, fungus begins to grow and spread through wood, feeding on the part of the material that gives it strength and stiffness.

Discoloration, cracks and overall deterioration are some of the signs of wood decay caused by fungus. Expect your home’s wooden components to weaken and lose their structural integrity. Your roof, for instance, has wooden pieces that may be susceptible to rot. When left damp with moisture, it is only a matter of time before the roof caves in.

Ways to Prevent Rot

Keeping your home well-maintained is a surefire way to prevent rot from spreading. Wood components must be stained and painted to ensure protection against moisture. Also, the surfaces of your roof and deck must be cleaned regularly.

More importantly, see to it that your gutters are functioning well. They must be clear of leaves, twigs dust or any debris that may cause water to overflow to the sides. Water spillage facilitates the spread of rot, which may affect the wooden parts of your roof like the fascia boards and the attic.

In this instance, it’s advisable to install Gutter Helmet® over your existing gutters. A smart alternative to gutter caps, this exceptional product has a patented nose-forward design and a textured surface to allow water runoff to reach the gutters while carrying unnecessary debris out.

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