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Dealing with Gutter Problems and Getting Expert Help

By August 10, 2015October 18th, 2023No Comments

Gutters collect rainwater that runs off the roof and channels it away from your walls, windows, doors, and overall foundation. They play a very crucial role that no other home component can do. That is why when it’s time to replace your old gutters, you need to make sure you choose the right one. Otherwise, you could be dealing with a completely new set of problems related to gutters and other parts of your home.

Common Gutter Problems

Ideally, the maximum life of an average gutter system is 30 years. Still, it could be more, depending on maintenance. The problem with settling for poor-quality gutters is that they are more vulnerable to debris accumulation. Clogged gutters can be a fire hazard. They can also accelerate wear and tear of your roof. Additionally, congested gutters can result in basement flooding, paint damage, formation of mold and mildew, and soil erosion.

As if the mentioned issues are not enough, damaged gutters can also cause dry rot on your roof’s soffit and fascia boards. If you’re not careful, this problem can escalate into foundation cracking and settlement. To prevent these issues, installing a gutter guard in Cedar Falls IA, and the surrounding area, would be a good start. Still, it’s best to contact your local contractor, such as Seamless Exterior. Here, we have a professionally trained team that can handle a range of gutter problems.

Getting Help from Certified Contractors

It’s important to understand what you’re dealing with before you act on it. That’s the great thing about hiring a professional contractor. He or she can actually check your gutters and recommend the best solution. If you’re the type of homeowner that has little to no time to spend on your home, we have just the right products for you. At Seamless Exterior, we offer various gutter solutions, such as covers and replacements.

When it comes to gutter covers, we only install the best in the industry—Gutter Helmet®. Gutter Helmet is designed to eliminate your need for frequent maintenance. Made from top-quality materials, Gutter Helmet gutter covers are light in weight and resistant to corrosion. It protects your gutters by filtering leaves, twigs, and other debris. The great news is that Gutter Helmet has PermaLife™ coating, which protects it from cracking, peeling, and chalking. It also comes with an outstanding warranty.

With Gutter Helmet on your gutter system, you’ll have peace of mind. Why worry about your gutters when there’s an efficient solution?

Don’t hesitate to call us to learn more about the Gutter Helmet products that we install, as well as our other services. We will be here to assist you.