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The Dangers of a Clogged or Unmaintained Gutter

By June 29, 2015October 18th, 2023No Comments

The gutter is a vital part of your home’s protective system against the rain. It channels water away from your home, keeping your exterior walls, siding, windows, doors, fascia, and soffit safe from water damage. It also protects your landscaping and even the foundations of your home from erosion.

Before the rainy season comes, make sure that your gutter in its best condition to do their job properly. Neglecting your gutters might result in clogs and could lead to numerous problems in your home, including:

  • compromised structural integrity due to rusts, rots, and other water damage
  • stagnant water which can attract pests such as insects and rodents
  • soil erosion around the house that can damage lawns, garden patches, and other landscaping
  • eyesore due to water damaged exteriors such as siding, fascia, and soffit boards
  • “waterfalls” that pour off your roof and soak everyone who enters and exits your home during rainy days

To avoid these problems and the costly repairs that come with them, hire a professional to inspect your gutter and repair them if necessary. As one gutter professional said, “Gutter prevention is measured in pennies; repairs are measured in dollars.”

Speaking of prevention, you can also invest in a gutter guard system. Fall will be here be here we know it, which means leaves and twigs will fall from the trees. As these accumulate, having a gutter protection system will keep the debris from clogging your gutter, so you won’t have to worry about the daunting task of de-clogging twice a year.

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