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The Halloween season is the one time out of the entire year where it’s perfectly acceptable to adorn the interior and exterior of your home with cobwebs and to just generally make your house look as haunted as possible. However, if your house still looks haunted even after you’ve removed all the Halloween decorations, there might be some curb appeal elements that you should consider approaching differently.



In this article, Gutter Helmet® of Eastern Shore, who are no strangers to receiving positive gutter guards reviews and giving stellar home maintenance tips, shares a few curb appeal mistakes that are making your home look haunted.

Letting Exterior Paint Fade

Letting exterior paint fade leaves your siding more vulnerable to damage. This can result in costly repairs if left unchecked.

Leaving the Roof Uninspected

Not checking whether your roof needs repairs or a replacement is a serious curb appeal offense. Keep in mind that any sign of disrepair can make people think that a house is abandoned, so letting your roof rot will not only cost you money in terms of repairs and energy inefficiency, but can also make your house look absolutely haunted.

Not Fixing Sagging Gutters

If your roof is in bad shape, chances are your gutters are suffering some serious damage as well. The main function of a gutter is to direct water away from your home, and a compromised gutter won’t be able to perform this task efficiently. On top of that, sagging gutters are unsightly and can deal further damage to your siding, roofing and basement. 

Apart from regular maintenance, investing in the right products can help keep your home beautiful and inviting. Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore offers and installs Gutter Helmet products that guarantee you’ll never have to clean your gutters again. You can visit our website to learn about the gutter guards reviews we receive. Call us today at (800) 824-3772  to schedule an appointment. We serve Salisbury, Maryland.