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Gutters come in two styles or profiles: half-round and K-style. While both styles are practically interchangeable, there are certain conditions that make K-style gutters the ideal choice. In today’s post, your local provider of the best gutter guard systems, Gutter Helmet® of Eastern Shore, shares the conditions that make K-style gutters the ideal gutter style.

What Are K-Style Gutters?

K-style gutters feature an angular profile, as opposed to the curved half-round gutters. The name “K-style” is derived from the twelve gutter profiles assigned by the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association (SMACNA), with K-style being the eleventh. Its distinctive profile has a square rear and an S-shaped flourish that gives it the appearance of crown molding. The S-shaped part of its profile is the reason why K-style gutters are sometimes referred to as “ogee” gutters.

Does Your Home Need K-Style Gutters?

There are certain conditions that indicate your home needs K-style gutters instead of half-rounds:

You need a wider drainage area — The average width of half-round gutters is three inches, which is more than sufficient in most situations. However, your roof may require a wider drainage area if it has a very steep slope. The bigger area and steep angle will push greater volumes of rainwater towards the roof edge, and standard half-round gutters may not be sufficient.

You need new gutters on short notice — K-style gutters are built from ten-foot segments or as seamless troughs made on-site. Half-round gutters are typically made of cast or pressed metal, which means they have to be ordered ahead of time. If you need gutters for emergency replacement, K-style gutters are your best bet.

You need lightweight gutters — Certain types of roofing systems require gutters made of lightweight materials, otherwise it would result in damage to the roof fascia. This is why half-round gutters are more suited to new roofing, as the roof framing can be bolstered to support the additional weight. Seamless K-style gutters can be made from aluminum, which makes them the ideal choice for gutter replacement.

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