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As a homeowner planning an aluminum gutter replacement, you may have heard of different terms that may not know what they’re referring to. One of these could probably be “gauges”, which is a term used to describe the thickness of a seamless aluminum gutter. The right gauge is important for your gutters, as it can determine whether your gutters are built to last for years in your local environment or fail prematurely after some time. Our gutter helmet experts at Gutter Helmet of Minnesota share their insight: 

Why Size Matters for Your Gutters

Many professionals know that each gutter system isn’t made the same, especially when it comes to gutter gauges. Some gutter gauges will be thicker than others depending on several factors such as the weather and local climate conditions. It’s not always easy to learn which type of gauge is best for your roof, so it helps to consult with a trusted contractor who can design and install a gutter system fit for your needs and specifications.

The Common Gauge Types

You may have already seen .025 gauge aluminum gutter systems sold in home supply stores, but this is not always recommended. This is because they won’t last as long as .027 gutters, which are the industry standard. You may even have already .027 aluminum gutters installed on your roof, which should last you a few years with proper care and maintenance. But if you’re looking for a system that will last longer, go for a 0.32 gauge gutter system. 

Keep in mind that .032 gutters can be a bit more expensive and are not always needed in temperate weather conditions. However, they’re more durable than the standard .027 gauge gutters so they practically stay new for longer! 

When you’re looking for a trusted gutter helmet contractor, there’s only one name in the area you can trust. Call Gutter Helmet of Minnesota today at (866) 200-5339 or fill out our online contact form! We serve Minnesota, including Monticello and neighboring areas.

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