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There are many types of gutter protection systems that you can choose from, each with its own design and method of protecting your gutters. Mr. Fix It Virginia shares a look at the types of gutter protection systems that you can find today:

Common Types of Gutter Protection Systems

Gutter Covers

Gutter covers are the most common type of gutter protection systems, and are available as perforated sheets of metal or plastic, or as mesh screens made of aluminum. This type of gutter protection system can be snapped onto existing gutter systems or attached using fasteners. It filters solid matter and allows rainwater to flow through the gutters.

While it is a simple and straightforward type of gutter protection system, there are concerns about how effective it is. Perforated gutter covers allow needles, pods and seeds to pass through the holes. Leaves and other large pieces of debris can pile up over time, which means regular gutter guard cleaning is still a necessity. Mesh gutter covers, on the other hand, are too fine that they allow rainwater to splash on top of instead of into the gutters.

Gutter Inserts

Gutter inserts are lengths of material that are inserted into the gutter itself. It is the easiest to install type of gutter protection system. One only needs to choose between polyurethane foam or “bottle brush” gutter inserts, cut them to specific lengths of material, and insert them into cleaned gutters. Gutter inserts are the most difficult type of gutter protection system to clean and maintain. Detritus and moisture can get stuck under it, which can lead to corrosion and algae growth.

Gutter Helmet®

Gutter Helmet is different from other gutter protection systems because it doesn’t filter rainwater nor does it sit inside the gutters. Rather, it features a specially designed hood that uses the surface tension of rainwater to separate it from leaves and debris, letting them fall to the ground. It keeps your gutters clear and efficient, even under heavy rainfall. It also requires virtually no gutter guard cleaning and maintenance. In fact, thanks to its Lifetime Warranty, we will clean out your gutters for you and make adjustments to it in the event that it gets clogged.

Mr. Fix It Virginia is your local provider of Gutter Helmet, the most efficient gutter protection system. Give us a call at (866) 985-9437 or fill out our contact form. We serve clients in Ashland, Virginia, and surrounding areas.