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Keeping your gutter system in good shape is a challenging job. Climbing a ladder and scooping dirt from its surface may seem easy, but without the proper knowledge and equipment, it poses some threats to homeowners’ safety. Installing Gutter Helmet®, an innovative protection system, can help you eliminate the risks of regular maintenance. Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore, your premier gutter guard installer, answers the most frequently asked questions about this product.

Common Questions About Gutter Helmet

How Does It Work?

Leaves, twigs, and other debris can infiltrate the opening of your gutter systems. They can cause clogging, which can later lead to water damage. Property owners have the responsibility to keep these external materials from blocking their gutters.

Gutter Helmet is an effective solution to keep out fine debris. It has a patented nose-forward design that utilizes the principle of surface tension and drives water into small perforations. It also has a ribbed surface that allows rain to adhere while it moves toward the opening. Moreover, it uses heavy-duty mounting brackets to hold the system in place.

Who Can Install Gutter Helmet?

This gutter guard is available exclusively through an extensive nationwide dealer network. Our company is an authorized provider of Gutter Helmet, a product that meets the highest standards of the industry. We can also guarantee that our experts have the right knowledge and skills to install this gutter guard protection system.

What Are Its Other Features?

PermaLife™ Finish is a recognized high-performance coating that resists fading and chalking. It protects Gutter Helmet from the effects of constant exposure to the harsh elements. Moreover, all the system installed come with a Triple Lifetime Warranty that covers the material and product performance. It is also fully transferable to the next owner.

Turn to your trusted gutter guard installer for your installation needs.  Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore offers excellent products and services to meet your needs. To learn more, call us at (866) 333-8150. We serve residents of Salisbury, Maryland.