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Exterior paint, like the roof and siding, is exposed to daily wear, and sooner or later, there will be signs of it. In today’s post, the best gutter guard contractor Gutter Helmet® of Cookeville shares common exterior paint problems, and how they can be fixed and prevented.


Blisters on paint occur when moisture gets trapped between the paint layer and the substrate and could be caused by one or more of the following:

Painting Under Direct Sunlight 

Doing so might dry the paint too soon and trap its vapors underneath.

Painting on Damp Surfaces

Moisture in wood could rise and become trapped between the wood and the paint layer.

Painting While It’s Humid

Painting during periods with high humidity levels can trap moisture under the paint layer. This is particularly common when latex paint is used.

Trapped Moisture Under the Walls

Moisture may escape your indoor spaces and find its way to under the paint layer.

Paint blisters will need to be scraped, dried, and repainted. Avoid recurring paint blisters by addressing the sources of moisture, as well as taking precautions such as using properly-treated wood for parts such as siding. Also, making sure that gutters are cleaned and maintained—overflowing water can make contact with painted exteriors—can help prevent moisture damage after the fact.


Alligatoring occurs when the second coat of paint is applied over a base coat or primer that hasn’t fully dried, or when one applies two types of incompatible paint. This results in a characteristic cracking that resembles alligator skin. It could be caused by factors such as differences in oil or moisture levels and thermal expansion rates. Once alligatoring has set in, the only fix is to scrape and repaint the surface. It can be prevented by making sure that the paints being used are compatible.

Sagging or Running

Sagging or running paint is painfully obvious on smooth surfaces, and is caused by using paint that’s too thick, too thin, or are applied unevenly. Not applying a coat of primer before using glossy paint can have the same effect. Learning proper painting techniques such as proper handling of the brush, roller, or spray can go a long way in preventing sagging or running paint. When all else fails, don’t forget that you can hire a local paint contractor.

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