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Your gutters protect many important parts of your home from water damage. Unfortunately, debris can easily enter your gutters and block water from flowing into your downspouts. This will lead to your gutters overflowing when it rains. Today, Carolina Gutter Helmet® and More, one of the top Gutter Helmet dealers, explains the dangers of clogged gutters:

Clogged Gutter Problems You Can Prevent With Gutter Helmet®

Foundation Damage

Rain from overflowing gutters can saturate the soil surrounding the base of your home, and given time, the wet soil can then put tremendous pressure on the sides of your home. This may cause cracks to form, damaging your foundation and leading to a costly and time-consuming repair project. The moisture from the saturated soil can also affect your basement and cause it to become more humid.

Ice Dam Formation

Gutter clogs can also increase the risk of ice dams forming in winter. Clogged gutters have plenty of standing water so ice dams form more easily. Your gutters can prevent melted snow from the top of your roof from flowing away from your home. This melted snow can then damage your roof and cause leaks. We recommend dealing with any gutter clogs before winter.

Landscape Damage

The overflowing water can also land on small trees, flower beds or shrubs that surround your home. This can be a big problem, particularly during a heavy downpour. The large volume of water coming from your gutters can damage your plants and erode the soil. In addition, they can also cause the ground to become slippery, increasing the risk of falls.

As one of the top Gutter Helmet dealers, you can count on us for a perfect Gutter Helmet installation. Once we install Gutter Helmet, gutter clogs and time-consuming gutter maintenance will be a thing of the past. Call us at (828) 237-3001 to learn more about our services and products, or to get a free quote. We serve Greer, SC, and other areas.