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Clean & Organize Your Home Exterior Before the Snow Flies

By October 1, 2015October 17th, 2023No Comments

While the first weeks of spring are the most well-known time for cleaning, painting and freshening up the home, it’s equally important to devote a few hours in the fall to making sure your home is clean and tidy before winter comes. After all, no one wants to be winding up the garden hose or repairing a sagging gutter when there’s six inches of snow out! Now is the time to focus on the organization and maintenance of your yard, garage and outdoor living areas.

  • Start with the roof. Make your job easier by working from the top of your house down. Do a visual inspection of your roof, noting any damage or problem areas that warrant a call to your roofing contractor. A thorough gutter cleaning will ensure you don’t have to deal with messy clogs over the winter season. To permanently eliminate the need for gutter cleaning, invest in patented Gutter Helmet® gutter guards.
  • Prep the yard. As the mowing season draws to a close, cut grass on your mower’s lowest setting for the last two cuttings of the year. This will allow more sunlight to reach the crown of the grass, and there will be less leaf to turn brown during the winter. Remove fallen leaves, and aerate and fertilize your lawn to keep grass at its healthiest.
  • Trim it up. Prune back tree branches that could cause damage in winter winds or break under heavy snow. Clean out spent summer annuals, cut back perennials and pull weeds in flower beds. While you’re at it, start your own compost pile in a corner of the garden by mixing grass clippings, leaves and plant debris with a shovelful of soil and an optional handful of fertilizer.
  • Stow it away. Sweep stray leaves and debris off the patio and give it a good rinse with a hose. Disconnect, drain and store away the garden hose for the winter, along with any outdoor patio furniture.