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If You Care About Your Roof, Don’t Ignore Your Gutters

By April 22, 2014October 16th, 2023No Comments

Most, if not all, homeowners want their homes to look good and stand out in their own neighborhoods. You can achieve this in a number of ways, one excellent example of which is by making your roof pop. Thankfully, a new technology that allows homeowners to paint their roofs any color they want while keeping them energy efficient is already in the works, as reported in an article published on

Dark, attractive metal roof and façades that are just as “cool” as their traditional white counterparts are the goal of a new research partnership by PPG Industries and the Department of Energy.

DOE has awarded Pittsburgh-based PPG a $224,000 grant to help develop new pigment technology for cool metal roof and façade coatings.

Together, PPG’s industrial coatings business and Berkeley Lab plan to produce “a more advanced class of dark-colored pigments that can convert a portion of the absorbed visible light energy into NIR energy that is radiated away from buildings.”

Once this pigment technology hits the market, you can begin to enjoy the benefits of a colorful yet energy-efficient roof. However, without a properly functioning gutter system, your efforts to make your roof stand out will only end up wasted. Roofs and homes never stay beautiful for long when gutter systems are compromised.

One of the best ways to maximize and protect a beautiful, high-performance roof is to match it with a reliable and fully functioning gutter system. And to ensure that your gutters remain reliable with as little effort as possible, install Gutter Helmet®, the best gutter guard in the market today.

Gutter Helmet’s commitment to finding innovative solutions to homeowners’ gutter problems has led them to develop the industry’s best gutter guards. Their patented design allows gutters to effectively channel rainwater away from your roof and home while keeping leaves, debris, and small animals from clogging things up.

(Article from “Making Roofs Both Cool and Colorful”; April 11, 2014)