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You shouldn’t ignore the warranties that come with gutter protection products. This way, you won’t have to spend your hard-earned money on premature gutter guard replacement due to faulty materials or flawed installation.

Fortunately, Carolina Gutter Helmet® installs a unique type of gutter cover that comes with a Triple Lifetime Warranty. Here’s how you can benefit from Gutter Helmet’s strong coverage.


Our confidence with Gutter Helmet translates to our warranties. We are certain that this gutter cover system can last for many years. That said, we offer a lifetime material coverage for any manufacturing defect. This also includes its advanced coating, the exclusive PermaLife™ finish.


With Gutter Helmet’s innovative configuration, homeowners can now cross out gutter cleaning on their maintenance checklist. This gutter cover has a nose-forward design that prevents debris from entering your gutters while sweeping them over the sides. Additionally, it has a textured surface that allows water to cling to it, which guides water to a slit large enough to accommodate water but small enough to filter debris.

These features will keep your gutters free-flowing all year round. You won’t have to scoop dirt out of your gutter systems quarterly or every after a storm. This can help you save time and effort in the long run.


Even when you decide to leave your current home, the next owner won’t have to worry about the gutter covers. In fact, they can still benefit from Gutter Helmet’s warranty as it’s fully transferable, barring limitations on the coverage’s terms and conditions.

At Carolina Gutter Helmet, we provide excellent gutter protection products to meet your needs. Call us today at (866) 882-8292 to talk about your gutter requirements. We serve residents of Greer and other nearby areas in South Carolina.