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Cleaning your gutters can be a tricky job. That’s because you need to climb a ladder and scoop debris out every once in a while. With the help of high-quality gutter protection systems, however, you can permanently remove this part of your routine.

Fortunately, RBC Roofing offers an innovative gutter cover that keeps dirt out of your gutter system. Here’s how Gutter Helmet® works.

Utilizing the Principle of Surface Tension

Debris buildup in your gutter can cause clogging. This problem creates further issues, including foundation and wood damage. When detritus accumulates in this area, rainwater and melting snow does not travel directly into the downspouts. Instead, water spills over the sides, which can result in the rotting of the fascia boards and puddling on the ground, which can seep into your foundation.

With Gutter Helmet, you won’t have to maintain your gutters as much as before. This gutter maintenance item utilizes the principle of surface tension through its ribbed surface and nose-forward design. Water clings to the textured surface and flows down to the small slit. The science behind it allows rainwater to move freely while sweeping leaves, twigs and other debris off the edge.

Superior Coating

In addition to Gutter Helmet’s unique design, it also comes with a multi-layered coating called the PermaLife™ finish. It consists of five layers: a pre-treated anti-corrosion layer, an aluminum substrate, and primer, color and clear coats. You can choose from the wide array of colors, including neutral shades and timber tones.

At RBC Roofing, we ensure proper installation of our advanced gutter protection systems to safeguard your gutters. This gutter guard comes with a Triple Lifetime Warranty that includes product performance and materials. It is also transferable, so even the next homeowner can benefit from this coverage.

Call us today at (866) 676-9805 to learn more about our products and services. We serve residents of Tolar and other nearby locations in Texas.