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BBB Accreditation: The Benefits Homeowners Can Expect

By December 22, 2014No Comments

Whatever job you need done for your home, make sure that the contractor you’re going to hire can provide you with quality service and professionalism.

There are several ways with which you can determine if a contractor is qualified to work on your home. You can check their licenses; you can check if they’re a member of industry organizations; and you can check if they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, or the BBB.

The BBB helps consumers make the right decisions for their purchases. As such, when it comes to home-improvement services like installing gutter protection in Albany, being BBB-accredited means a company has met the standards that homeowners trust. For those in the areas that Huff ‘N Puff serves, you can expect the following benefits when you hire us to work on your gutters:

●  You can trust us to work on your home. Being BBB-accredited means that we have a positive track record within the areas we serve.
●   We advertise our products and services honestly. This is to adhere to the standards of the BBB when it comes to advertising and selling our products.
● We give you accurate and truthful information regarding the products we represent. This is for you to know how our products perform.
●  We are completely honest about our business. We will give you clear information regarding our company—the nature of our business, our address, our ownership details, and all our policies and guarantees.
●  We will honor our agreements and promises. We will follow all of the written and verbal arrangements we have agreed upon.
●  We will make sure any concerns you may have are addressed. Whenever something goes wrong or if there are any disputes, you know that we will be responsive and professional when addressing your concerns.
●  We will make sure that your privacy is protected. All of your sensitive information or data will be protected against mishandling and fraud. We will be sure to only get the information needed to serve you effectively.
●   We will observe the utmost level of integrity. This is one of the most important factors a company should have—integrity in all transactions.

We at Huff ‘N Puff have attained an A+ rating from the BBB. With that, you know that you can trust us to install gutter covers in Albany with quality workmanship and utmost professionalism. For more information on our services, feel free to give Huff ‘N Puff a call today.