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Basic Parts of a Rain Gutter System

By January 20, 2016October 18th, 2023No Comments

We often talk about gutters as if they were just a part of your standard roof. The truth is gutters themselves form another system that protects not just your roof but your entire home from water entry. The system is fairly simple. It consists of a number of parts that collect rainwater runoff and channel it away from your home. Gutters, downspouts and gutter extensions do the biggest share of the work; however, every component is crucial.

• Gutter – collects water shedding directly off of the roof
• Slip connector – joins sections of guttering to form a single piece
• End cap – closes the end of the gutter to contain the water
• Gutter cover – prevents debris from accumulating in the gutter and causing clogs
• Gutter flashing – protects fascia and soffits by preventing water from getting behind the gutter
• Gutter hanger – attaches the gutter to the roofline and prevents it from sagging
• Gutter drop – connects the gutter outlet to the downspout
• Downspout or leader – conveys the collected water from the gutter to the ground
• Downspout strap – secures the downspout to the wall
• Elbow – used at points where the downspout needs to change direction
• Gutter extension – moves the water discharge point farther away from the home
• Splash block – absorbs the impact from discharging water to prevent soil erosion

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