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What’s better than having trees in your front- or backyard? Studies show a direct correlation between seeing trees and increased happiness. Additionally, having some beautiful greenery surround your home greatly improves your curb appeal as well. However, for all the advantages that trees provide, they also bring a few risks of their own, particularly regarding your roofing and gutters.

Poorly kept trees can make gutter maintenance more difficult, especially if you’re just learning how to clean your gutters. Let our experts from Carolina Gutter Helmet® explain the dangers trees can potentially pose to your home.

Dry Season

While South Carolina is mostly humid throughout the year, there are a few days when hot dry air dominates the weather. Under these conditions, trees are actually huge fire risks. The danger is magnified when these same trees grow in close proximity to your roof as the soffits and vents provide a way for the fire to spread to your attic and ceiling.

Rainy Season

Fallen leaves are the number one cause of clogging in your gutters. So, plan out the placement of your trees so that they are a reasonable distance away from your gutters. Choose evergreens as they do not lose their foliage in the fall. Lastly, keep your trees trimmed and well-kept at all times.

Foundation Problems

Tree roots can’t necessarily damage the foundations of a home, but they can absorb the water in the ground around them. This can weaken the soil and cause some settling within your foundations. This is why landscape professionals often advocate choosing a good position for your planted trees.

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