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Even the best gutter systems can be vulnerable to gutter clogs if they are left unprotected. That’s why you should install Gutter Helmet®, a reliable and effective gutter protection system that can prevent debris from entering your gutters. Gutter Helmet’s manufacturers are so confident in their product’s performance that they back it with a Triple Lifetime Warranty. Learn more about it here:

Answering Questions About the Gutter Helmet® Warranty

What Does the Lifetime Performance Part of the Warranty Mean?

Gutter Helmet is unlike any other gutter protection systems because it completely covers your gutters while still letting water into them. It achieves this by taking advantage of the principle of surface tension.

Gutter Helmet has a nose-forward design and a ribbed surface. Thanks to surface tension, water clings to the gutter cover and flows toward a narrow horizontal slit. Since there are no vertical openings, leaves, pine needles, dirt and other debris can’t enter, and they simply fall to the ground.

The Lifetime Performance Warranty part of the Triple Lifetime Warranty means that Gutter Helmet is guaranteed to keep your gutters clog-free. In the unlikely event that your gutter system becomes clogged, an authorized Gutter Helmet installer will come to your home and fix the problem for you.

Can I Transfer This Warranty?

Gutter Helmet’s warranty is also transferable. You can turn over this warranty to the next person who owns your home within 45 days of transfer of homeownership. Installing Gutter Helmet can make your home more valuable because you can confidently say your gutters will stay clean and clog-free with minimal maintenance.

Does the Warranty Cover Defects or Installation Mistakes?

The Gutter Helmet warranty also covers defective materials or faulty installation. You can rest easy knowing that Gutter Helmet is guaranteed to protect your gutters. Gutter Helmet’s material warranty also covers the PermaLife™ coating. Gutter Helmet has a special coating that’s guaranteed not to crack, chip or peel. Once installed, Gutter Helmet will continue to look good for years.

With Gutter Helmet, your gutters will be one of the best gutter systems around, simply because your gutters will be much less vulnerable to clogging. MR. FIX-IT™ is an authorized Gutter Helmet dealer, and we’ve been given the Torch Award for Marketplace Integrity. That’s the highest award from the Better Business Bureau.

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