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Answering Common Questions About Gutter Helmet®

By April 12, 2017October 18th, 2023No Comments

As an authorized dealer of Gutter Helmet®, we’ve encountered various questions about our patented gutter guard protection system. Today, we answer a few of these:

What Is Gutter Helmet?

Unlike common gutter screens, our brand of gutter cover is designed to be installed right over your gutters. It’s a unique system that can completely prevent leaves, pine needles, and other forms of debris from entering and clogging your gutters. With this, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your gutters again, saving you valuable time and effort.

How Long Will Gutter Helmet Last?

Our product is made to last for a long time. It’s made of durable but lightweight aluminum, and we attach it to your roof’s edge using reinforced aluminum alloy brackets. This will keep it intact despite harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, it features a PermaLife™  finish that protects it from the elements. Lastly, it’s backed by a Triple Lifetime Warranty that you can transfer to the next owner of your home.

What Size of Debris Can Gutter Helmet Keep Out?

Gutter Helmet has a 3/8” wide slit that most gutter screens don’t have. This slit allows only water to enter and bars everything else, letting debris safely fall to the ground.

What Colors Are Available? Is Gutter Helmet Customizable?

Its special finish comes in an array of colors that will blend with your home’s exterior. You can choose from charcoal, brown, green, and many more. You can also have the assurance that we’ll customize them to fit your gutter system.

When you call us to install Gutter Helmet, you can expect us to check, clean, and realign your gutters at no additional cost. You can also have the peace of mind knowing that our installation methods are approved by most top roofing manufacturers. This means that our installation practices will not compromise your roof’s existing warranties.

Gutter Helmet of Cookeville can answer any other questions you may have regarding our unique product. We serve Cookeville and nearby areas in Tennessee. Call us today at (866) 985-9982 for a FREE estimate.