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All in the Design: What Makes Gutter Helmet Effective

By May 9, 2016October 17th, 2023No Comments

Today, you can find many gutter protection systems on the market. They come in different materials and styles and offer various levels of protection. If you are looking for the best options for your home, invest in Gutter Helmet.

Gutter Helmet comes with a patented design that makes it one of the best gutter guard systems in Anchorage AK, and the surrounding areas. It was a pioneer in the gutter protection industry in the late 1970s, and the design makes it a once-in-a-lifetime investment for many homeowners around the US.

Nose-Forward Design

Gutter Helmet has a nose-forward design that uses the principle of gravity. As rainwater enters the gutter system through a small opening underneath, leaves, dirt, and other debris fall down the edge of the gutter cover. Instead of cleaning debris out of gutters, you can sweep them from ground. This design also keeps small animals and pests away.

Textured/Ribbed Surface

Gutter Helmet also applies surface tension to filter debris from water effectively. As water flows from the roof, it clings onto the textured surface and enters a 3/8-inch wide opening underneath. Without the debris, the water flows freely into the downspouts. The horizontal stiffening ribs also increase tensile strength.

PermaLife™ Finish

For added curb appeal, Gutter Helmet comes with PermaLife® finish. This high-performance Kynar paint prevents fading and chalking. It also resists corrosion due to salt water and acid rain. You can choose from different colors to match your roof’s shingles. Shades include charcoal, brown, bronze, black, green, and more.

Heavy-Duty Mounting Brackets

The brackets in our gutter guard systems in Anchorage AK, and the local area, lock both the gutter and cover in place. We are the only company that uses these aluminum brackets. They make sure that the entire gutter system can withstand heavy rainfalls and strong winds.

Triple Performance Lifetime Warranty

As a local dealer, ABC Seamless Siding offers comprehensive warranties that cover material and performance. Now you no longer have to worry about replacing your gutters again. You can have this warranty transferred up to the second homeowner.

Gutter Helmet’s unique design earned seven patents throughout its decades-long presence in the industry. Homeowners have trusted Gutter Helmet because it offers numerous benefits, such as preventing cracked foundations, soil erosion, rotted wood, and damaged exterior components.

If you want to learn more about our reliable gutter guard, call us today!