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All About Gutter Protection, Part 1: Risks of Not Cleaning

By April 18, 2016October 17th, 2023No Comments

Leaves, fallen branches, and other debris can clog your gutters. The longer you put off gutters maintenance, however, the more you’re putting your home and your family’s safety at risk.

Gutters that have accumulated a lot of of debris can increase the chances of rust formation, and deteriorating overall condition. It also makes your interior susceptible to water damage, which may weaken your home’s foundation. Cleaning your gutters in Greer SC, and the local area, helps prevent clogs and other potential damage. Let Carolina Gutter Helmet & More discuss the importance of regular gutter maintenance.

Reasons to Keep Your Gutter Clean

Your gutters may be vulnerable to damage when left unattended. These problems may affect not only your roofing system, but your entire home, as well. Here are some of the risks when your gutters stay unclean:

• Flooding – As water overflows from your clogged gutters, it will build up on your home’s exterior, down to your siding, and eventually permeating your foundation. This can lead to water seeping through to your basement. This not only causes discomfort, it can also put your family’s health at risk by increasing the chances of mold formation.

• Cracked Foundation – Another major effect of overflowing water is the weakening and cracking of your home’s foundation. Siding replacement or foundation repairs can be more costly than maintaining your gutters in Greer SC, and the surrounding areas.

• Rotting Wood – Water build up caused by clogged gutters can cause your roof and walls to rot. You may have to replace your roof immediately when signs of rotting become evident.

• Decreased Beauty – Cleaning your gutters is extremely important to maintain the beauty of your home. Excess water that flows down your siding can cause it to fade, affecting the look of your home’s exterior. In addition, gutters tend to sag away from your home if they are full of debris.

For all your gutter needs, turn to Carolina Gutter Helmet & More. We have been providing quality gutter services in the region for almost 15 years. We also offer the best and lasting solution that may save you from the trouble of cleaning your gutters: Gutter Helmet. This revolutionary product protects your gutters and roof from debris buildup all year round.

Call us today and let us know how we can help with your next home improvement project. Stay tuned for the second installment of this two-part blog series where we’ll discuss the features and benefits of Gutter Helmet.