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Gutters do not only drive water away from the foundation, they also protect the structural integrity of your home. They are an essential element that prevents potential damage to your interior and exterior space. Keeping them in good shape, however, is a daunting task. Homeowners have to deal with the constant scooping of dirt on their surface to make sure gutters will perform well. Some may try to put do-it-yourself covers (like foam) in an attempt to minimize maintenance. The truth is that they will have to find the right material that will fit the system perfectly. Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore discusses the benefits of installing a professional gutter protection system.

Advantages of Professional Gutter Protection Systems

Risks Of DIY Gutter Covers

Leaves, twigs, and other debris affect the entry of water into your gutter system. Wind and rain carry debris on the surface, which can cause clogging. It is one of the most common issues property owners have to deal with.

Installing a DIY gutter cover may seem like the best option to quickly solve this problem, but in the long run, homeowners will have to clean their gutters again. A mesh shield with large holes, for instance, can still allow fine castoffs from trees to enter. A screen, on the other hand, may still allow debris formulation.

How We Can Help

Our company offers Gutter Helmet®, an innovative protection system that prevents external material from infiltrating. Unlike an ordinary gutter shield, it has a patented nose-forward design that utilizes the principle of surface tension to push rainwater into small perforations. Moreover, it is reinforced by heavy-duty mounting brackets to keep it in place.

Gutter Helmet can resist fading and chalking with the help of its PermaLife™ Finish. It protects the system from the effects of constant exposure to harsh elements. Furthermore, it is an effective defense against salt water and acid rain.

Installing Gutter Helmet, a smart alternative to a regular gutter shield, eliminates the risks of cleaning. Our experts here at Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore provide excellent service to meet your needs. To learn more, call us at (866) 333-8150. We serve residents of Salisbury, Maryland.