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Rain Gutter Basics

gutter sketch Rain gutters are an important part of your roof system. They collect and divert rainwater away from your roof. This protects landscaping around your home, keeps your exterior looking good, and saves your basement and foundation from water damage.Read on to learn what factors and features should affect your gutter system choices.

How Much Rain Do You Get?

A house in Mesa, AZ, is going to have very different guttering needs compared to a house in Bangor, ME. The average rainfall in any given area must be factored into gutter sizing, along with the square footage and pitch of the roof. These figures tell contractors how much surface area your gutter system will have to drain.

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Choosing Your Rain Gutters

Seamless vs. Sectional
Seamless gutters have continuous lengths of guttering that are fabricated on-site. They still have seams at corners and downspouts, but fewer by far than sectional gutters, which usually come in 10- to 20-foot sections. Because seams and junctions tend to be vulnerable points in a gutter system, seamless gutters are highly recommended.

Gutter Materials
The most common material used for gutters is aluminum, but steel, vinyl, copper and zinc gutters are also popular. Copper and zinc are often used for ornamental gutter installations and usually cost more than other materials. Aluminum and vinyl are relatively cheap but not as durable.

Gutter Sizes
Guttering comes in widths between four and eight inches. Wider gutters can hold more water and are recommended in areas that experience heavy rainfall.

Gutter Shapes
The most popular gutter configuration is the K-style rain gutter. Square and half-round gutters are also common. The choice of gutter shape is more about compatibility with the design of your house than anything else.

Other Features
Rain gutter guards, gutter coatings and gutter extensions are other features worth looking into. They help ensure longer-lasting and better-performing gutters, which means better protection for your home.

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