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Given the technological advantages we currently enjoy, there’s less reason for everyday products such as a rain gutter guard to underperform. Even so, they may still be prone to malfunction. Here are the factors that could contribute to that:

A Look at Why Some Gutter Covers Fail


Gutter covers usually have filtration systems designed to keep out leaves and other debris from getting into the gutters. However, filters are bound to become clogged. Pine needles and smaller particles like pollen can still penetrate even the best mesh type covers. Brush gutter guards are easy to install, but they still fall short as clogging is still a problem.  And while foam guards seemingly offer a solution to the congestion issue, some of them are fire hazards.

Size, Material and Installation 

A gutter cover that is either too large or too small for the gutter will be a problem down the line. Incorrect sizing directly affects the installation and allows gaps that can undermine the performance of the gutter cover. As far as materials go, steel may be a durable material but it’s not impervious to rust and corrosion. The spikes that hold the gutter in place are bound to become loose due to the contraction and expansion of the material they are affixed to.

The Answer

Ideally, a rain gutter guard  should offer protection from debris while properly diverting the water flow away from your house.  All the features of the other gutter cover systems that contribute to their failure are notably absent in a Gutter Helmet® system. It turns out that the key to a fully functional, highly efficient gutter cover is surface tension. The scientific principle is best demonstrated by the nose-forward design of a Gutter Helmet system.

Getting to Know the Gutter Helmet Solution 

While other solutions rely on screens, brushes and mesh,  Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore offers a stunningly simple yet highly effective alternative. We took a more direct approach by simply coming up with a cover that extends over the gutter’s edge, eliminating the need for filters and thus eliminating clogging as well. No need to worry about durability – the material can withstand up to 22 inches of rain per hour. Corrosion won’t be a problem, either, because PermaLife™ Finish offers protection against the elements.

Gutter Helmet covers guarantee that your gutter protection system will maintain its appearance and efficiency for years to come. Contact Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore at (866) 333-8150 for a free consultation. We offer our excellent services to residents in Salisbury and other areas in Maryland.