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Congratulations! You’ve finally made it through the process of buying your first home which can be extremely intense. Now you have to figure out the best way to care for your new home; creating a list of priorities is a good place to start in order to achieve your goals.

Get Organized

  • Create a shopping list
    • More than likely you will need to make a few purchases to get your new place felling like home, have a solid list of things you need to avoid impulse buys.
  • Draft a maintenance checklist and schedule
    • Making a working maintenance schedule is vital to keeping your new home in great condition, the list can also be broke down into categories based on seasons.
  • Inventory warranties and information on major fixtures and appliances
    • Keep warranties, manuals, and other random papers organized and in a file folder or you can scan them in a cloud account such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Get Protected

  • Home Security
    • Be sure that your security service meets all of the needs that are specific to your situation. Shop around to get a good deal, as most plans offer comparable coverage.
  • Find the right insurance
    • Be aware of what coverage the policy offers, you want to make certain your insurance covers the full replacement value of the home, not the price you paid for it.
  • Pest control
    • Keeping your home termite and pest free is crucial because homeowner’s insurance does not cover pest related damage.
  • Exterior maintenance
    • Keeping the exterior of your home mold-free, and clean and clear or debris are simple ways to protect your home from hazards that could be damaging.

Get Upgraded

Upgrading your fixtures and appliances are matters to account for in your long-term maintenance plan. Many of these easy replacements are simple to accomplish and relatively inexpensive, but there is no rush to do it all at once. One amenity that people forget to upgrade is their gutters. Gutter Helmet offers an affordable option for replacing your current gutter guards.

Get Educated

Learning about ways to lower energy costs and anticipate repairs can help you keep your schedule current.

Get Outfitted

Invest in some common household tools if you don’t already own a set. Some fixes can be simply if you have the right tools.

Get Connected

Getting to know your community, neighborhood associations, city council and local non-profit organizations can give you understanding about the development of the area. Getting to know your neighbors is an essential part of owning a home.

Whether you have moved into a perfect home or a fixer upper there are always things you need to take care of once you’ve started to settle down. Gutter Helmet can help you get that process started.