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Gutter systems have been protecting homes for centuries. MR. FIX-IT™, a gutter protection systems expert, talks about the evolution of gutters and provides a brief timeline of their development:

A Brief History on the Development and Use of Gutters

The History of Gutters

The earliest examples of gutters found were used by the Harappan civilization sometime between 3000 BC and 1500 BC. They used waterborne toilets that were linked by drains and covered with bricks of burnt clay. Fast forward to 27 BC. The Romans used gutters during their road building projects to carry mud and water away. By 47 AD, the Romans had brought gutters to Britain.

In 1066, the Norman Invasion caused changes in architecture. Residences, churches and other structures were redesigned with stone parapets and roofs. Gutters of the time also changed and now terminate in the mouths of gargoyles. When water was flowing into the gutters, the gargoyles spit the water clear of the building. The dissolution of the monasteries, friaries and convents in the 1500s led to a surplus of recycled lead, which then lead to the development of gutters and other rainwater goods.

Modern Times

The twentieth century revolutionized gutter production. Metal rolling machines were invented to roll half-round steel gutters. However, during World War II, there was a shortage of metal. Plastic became the gutter material of choice after the war. Fortunately, today’s gutter systems come in a wide variety of materials, styles and colors to suit a home’s unique requirements. Gutter protection systems have also been developed to prevent gutter clogs and other gutter problems.

When it comes to gutter protection systems, we believe that Gutter Helmet® is one of the best. Gutter Helmet uses the principle of surface tension to protect your gutters. Its innovative design allows water to enter your gutters even though it completely covers the gutter system. Call us at (866) 985-9437 to learn more about gutters or to ask for a free quote. We serve Ashland and nearby areas in Virginia.