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The gutters and gutter caps you see today are a product of thousands of years of engineering. The earliest record of humans attempting to control the flow of water dates back some 5,000 years ago when early civilizations built toilet drainage systems covered with brick and clay. Today, gutters have evolved into a much more sophisticated system that plays an important role in many homes worldwide.

As the leading experts in the area, our professionals at Gutter Helmet® of Minnesota take you down the halls of history and show you how the best gutter protection system we enjoy today came about.

Gutters in the Roman Empire

Romans made leaps and bounds in engineering, particularly in water control. They constructed aqueducts that brought irrigation to areas located miles away from any source of water. They also designed roads to be slightly angled so water was forced to flow to the sides instead of pooling in puddles across the road surface.

Classical Buildings

During the Norman invasion of Great Britain in the 9th Century, churches, forums and other massive construction projects made use of a crude gutter system within stone-carved roofs and parapets. Water was redirected away from roofing assemblies through pipes disguised as gargoyle mouths.

Residential Construction

The idea of adding gutters to control rainwater reached the shores of American colonies in the 16th Century. At this time, gutters were constructed from heavy cast iron held in place with wooden pins. But it wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution made large-scale metal fabrication available that common residential buildings began installing gutters everywhere.

In 1979, Bob DeMartini conceptualized the idea of gutter caps to protect gutters from clogging. He was awarded a U.S. patent in 1981, and that’s how Gutter Helmet began.

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