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Fall is here and it’s time to start thinking about your gutters and how you’re going to get them clean before winter. If you haven’t budgeted for a cleaning and don’t want to spend a lot of money, here are eight ideas to help you save.

Gutter Cleaning Tips

1. Do It Yourself

Of course, the ultimate way to keep gutters clean and save money is to do it yourself. However, it is a dirty and time-consuming task and can be dangerous. Because most gutter cleaning companies charge by the linear foot, if you can safely clean at least a portion of the gutters yourself, you’ll save money that way.

2. L ook for Deals & Promotions

Check out advertisements that arrive in both your email and postal mail. Sometimes gutter cleaners also have promotions on Living Social or Groupon. Pay attention to the fine print as some of the promotions may only be good on certain days of the week or for a limited time.

3. Ask Your Neighbors

Sometimes companies offer referral promotions and if one of your neighbors has had their gutters cleaned recently, they may have a discount coupon to pass on. Another option is to find out which neighbors also want their gutters cleaned and see if any gutter cleaners offer neighborhood discounts for multiple homes receiving services on the same day.

4. Check the Gutter Cleaner’s Website

Even if you’ve seen a truck or an advertisement around town, some companies have website-only specials. Check the website for any promotions and be sure to mention the promotion when you call for your appointment.

5. Check With Other Service Providers

One good resource for gutter cleaning could be your roofing company. Some contractors offer free or discounted gutter cleaning service as part of a roof repair or an annual inspection. Landscaping companies, window cleaners and other exterior maintenance companies may also offer gutter cleaning, so combining services may yield savings.

6. Ask for a Discount

Some businesses have unadvertised discounts for seniors, military members, first responders and teachers. Ask what they offer to see if you fit into any of their discount categories.

7. Agree to an Annual Contract

Many service companies offer discounts if you’re a member of their program or have an annual contract for multiple cleanings for the year. Ask about programs and what discount you can expect with a contract.

8. Call a Gutter Guard Installer

Most gutter guard installers will clean gutters before they install the gutter guards. While you’ll have to pay for the upfront cost of the gutter protection products, you won’t have to clean your gutters as long as you have the covers and they work.

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