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There are times when we hope for rain so we don’t have to water our grass and garden, and then it comes in abundance! However, if you have standing water around your home, lots of issues can occur. Some include water making its way into your basement or under your foundation, mildew growth and, even more commonly, an abundance of mosquitos and other pests. Here are some home maintenance tasks you should perform regularly to cut down on these pests in your yard.

8 Essential Home Maintenance Tasks to Keep Pests Away

Have a Drainage Plan

Rain that falls in the summer often falls at a heavier rate than in the spring and fall. If you don’t have a drainage system around your home, you’re more susceptible to standing water issues. At the very least, a drainage plan includes a properly functioning gutter system, landscaping and mulch. Some optional items are rain gutter shields, rain barrels and underground pipes to carry water away from your home.

When your gutters are clogged, there is nowhere for the rainwater to go other than over the edge of your gutters. This creates a waterfall-like effect which leads to soil erosion and puddles – the perfect place for pests to make a home. To avoid clogged gutters, keep them clean. If you compare gutter guard systems and regular cleanings, you’ll find that the cost of rain gutter shields is actually a very good investment.

Landscaping Can Help

If you have clean gutters and your rainwater goes from your gutters into a rain barrel or underground pipes, the right landscaping can help prevent standing water. You should re-mulch each year in an even coat across your flower beds. Mulch not only holds water but it also helps it seep into the ground more evenly. If you notice standing water in your landscaping, look up. You may have clogged gutters. Clean them and then consider installing rain gutter shields.

Trimming back tree limbs and bushes helps too. Trees that overhang your roof drop leaves that eventually end up in your gutters. Anything touching your home can be a bridge for crawling pests to get onto your home.

Proper Home Maintenance

It should go without saying that you should make sure your window screens are in good condition each year. There are other home maintenance tasks you should perform annually or more often. Check your deck or any wood surfaces around your home at least once a year. When pests begin to infiltrate them, they become a breeding and feeding ground. Also check your window caulk and replace it if it’s deteriorating. The same goes for caulk around your vents, fascia boards and utilities going into your home.

If you have a dog, clean up the yard regularly. Pet waste can be a big source of breeding pests. The same goes for your trash can. Flies especially love rotting food and will flock to an open, dirty garbage can. Rinse it out after each trash day to remove grime.

We’ve already mentioned clean gutters as part of your landscaping and drainage plan. This is also part of your home maintenance list and needs to be done twice a year. If it’s a task you don’t enjoy and you’re tired of paying someone to clean them, it’s time to compare gutter guard systems and get a quote from your local Gutter Helmet dealer. You’ll find that our gutter guards lead the industry in innovation and the ability to handle as much rain as Mother Nature throws at them! Call (800) 824-3772 to find your local dealer and set an appointment today.