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7 Coolest Gutter-Related Apps

By October 18, 2012No Comments

You’ve probably heard the expression, “There’s an app for that.” It implies that whatever your task, goal, or interest, you can probably find an application for a smartphone that can help you.

But what about gutters? There’s no way that there can be…

There is? Really?

“You mean I can use this thing for something other than Angry Birds?”

Believe it or not, even gutters have entered the mobile digital age. Here are seven gutter-related apps that are useful… and pretty cool to boot!

1. Roof Area / RainFlow & Gutter Calculator

This is the ideal app for homeowners or professionals who are trying to gauge how much guttering to purchase for a specific home or building. The software allows you to plug in roof length, width, and pitch to figure out how much linear footage of gutter you will need for a given job. Also, if you know the annual rainfall for your area, you can determine what size gutter will work best on the structure.

2. Flo Hydraulic Calculator

This app brings advanced science into the process of figuring out the water capacity of a given gutter. You can enter in whatever factors you know, and then determine the gutter’s water flow, spread, and slope. In addition, the calculator also helps people who are working with pipes and channels of many shapes and sizes.

3. Fluid Mechanics Calculator

Again, this app does so much more than gutter measurements; but you can use it to come up with a gutter system’s carryover, capture efficiency, and interception capacity. In fact, this program is made up of almost 100 calculators which can determine everything from fluid pressure to flow velocity to French drain seepage rate.

4. Handyman Calculator

For the do-it yourselfer, this app is tailored toward home improvement jobs rather than professional projects. In addition to calculators for measuring gutters, the software also helps handymen with concrete, lumber, asphalt, crown molding, carpet, laminate, grass seed, and much, much more.

5. Gutter Inspection Sheet

Need to do a proper inspection on your gutters? This app is the perfect companion to carry with you. It provides you with a checklist to help you narrow down precisely where the problem may be before you try to get up on a ladder and make repairs (or call in professionals to handle them for you).

6. Senox Mobile

This app comes from one of the country’s most well-known suppliers of seamless gutter products. Its yield calculator can help contractors determine the amount of guttering (or gutter coil raw material) that is needed for a specific job. It also displays the closest retailer or supplier that carries Senox products, which are available in plenty of colors, shapes, and sizes.

7. Homeowner Calendar

Homeowners know that it’s important to clean their gutters at least twice per year. This app will act as a calendar that reminds you when it’s time for gutter cleaning again. It does the same for other periodic maintenance chores, including filter and battery checks, lawn and gardening fertilization schedules, and even tax preparation. You can also put in your own custom tasks as well.

“Johnny! Put down that gutter hydraulics calculator and go to bed!”

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