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6 Ways to Avoid Disaster & Expenses at Home

By March 24, 2016October 17th, 2023No Comments

Home maintenance is essential to safeguarding your home, loved ones and personal assets. It is also important for retaining the value of your home and potentially increasing that value. Here are six important home improvement steps you can take to prevent damage and unnecessary expenses.

  1. Keep your dryer hose and vent clean. This may seem insignificant, but not cleaning out the lint trap in a dryer can prevent hot air from escaping. Lint build-up inside the dryer hose is the perfect tinder for fire, possibly leading to fire and damage. It is important to clean out the dryer lint trap often – make it a habit to clean it out after every few loads of laundry. A dryer hose should be cleaned out at least once a year.
  1. Be careful what you put in drains and toilets. Avoid pouring fluids and substances down drains and toilets that do not belong there. This can range from grease and oil to larger objects that can get stuck and harm your plumbing.
  1. Install gutter guards. Gutters keep water flowing down from your roof, to the ground and away from your home, preventing water damage and foundation issues. There are many gutter styles and gutter guard systems Gutter Helmet® is by far the most effective system for preventing clogs and water damage to your home, and fits any existing gutter.
  1. Skip the shower caddy. The weight of a caddy hanging on a shower pipe often results in leaks that happen inside the wall, causing hidden but significant damage. If you must use a shower caddy, choose one that can be affixed to the shower tile or wall itself rather than hanging on a pipe.
  1. Stop greasing locks. Your first thought might be to spray on a little household oil when your key gets stuck in a lock. However, this can lead to build-up as the oil draws in dust, debris and lint. This may create an even bigger problem where you have to replace the whole lock. 
  1. Pay attention to electrical wiring. If you hear strange sounds or movement when you flip switches, call an electrician for an inspection. Many fires happen because of wiring problems due to improperly placed wires, overloading and extension cords.

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