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6 Tips on Getting the Best Gutter Cleaning Deals

By December 6, 2012No Comments

Many people despise the chore of cleaning their gutters. That said, they don’t relish the thought of paying through the nose for someone else to do it. If you’re one of these people, here’s the good news: there are some gutter cleaning deals out there if you take the time to seek them out.

Handyman For Gutter Cleaning
You don’t have to pay him an arm and a leg to prevent you from falling off a ladder while cleaning your own gutters… and breaking an arm or a leg.

Here are five approaches you can use to secure the best gutter cleaning deal possible.

  1. Look for discounts. Yes, this is the most obvious method – but you should make sure to examine all of the places where you might find discounts. So don’t just page through newspapers, direct mail circulars, and coupon packs; but be sure to check out radio, TV, and billboard ads as well. In addition, there are several “daily-deal” websites which can sometimes offer huge discounts on gutter cleaning. Finally, be aware of “digital coupons” or similar promotions in the advertising portions of the websites you visit.

  2. Ask the service provider. This sounds counterintuitive, but you never know what answer you will get if you pose the right question. For example, many gutter cleaning professionals offer discounts for senior citizens. Others will cut the price if you agree to an annual service contract (which also saves you the hassle of remembering to clean your gutters each season). Finally, many companies that handle gutter cleaning also provide other services, so they may give you a discount if you also have them clean your chimney, wash your windows, or perform some other task that you might need to be done around your home.

  3. Conduct some online research. Start by visiting the websites of gutter cleaning service providers in your area. Many of them often display discounts to people who book an appointment through their site instead of calling them. Also, some professionals boast about their “beat any price guarantees,” so why not make them put their money where their mouth is by finding a better deal elsewhere and then presenting it to them? Online review sites help as well; former customers may reveal how they got their gutters cleaned for less money by a particular company.

  4. Canvas your neighborhood. Because gas costs are a major expense for gutter cleaning companies, they often give discounts to groups of homes on the same block or in a given neighborhood. That way they don’t have to drive all over town to service several customers, and they’ll pass some of those savings on to the homeowners in a given group. So take the time to call your neighbors and/or knock on some doors to see if they need to have their gutters cleaned as well. They probably like saving money too, after all.

  5. Do some of it yourself. Most gutter cleaning companies price their jobs by the number of linear feet of gutters that need to be cleaned, the square footage of your roof, and/or the number of stories on your home. If there’s a portion of your gutter system that you can clean without much trouble, complete that task before calling in the pros. Examples may include the easy-to-reach gutters on a detached garage or the lower story of your home. Then leave the difficult parts of the project to the professionals!
  6. Gutter Helmet®. Just get Gutter Helmet® installed on your house and never worry about having to to find a deal on gutter cleaning for the time you own your home.

Hurry up! Your gutters won’t clean themselves!

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