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Summer is a good time to enjoy the outdoors and have fun in the sun. On the downside, however, summer can bring occasional bad storms involving strong winds and hail that can damage your home. In today’s post, ABC Seamless Siding, your local gutter covers dealer, shares tips on how to minimize damage from summer storms.

1. Inspect the Roof

Have your roof inspected and maintained at least once every year. In doing so, you can identify minor roofing problems and have them addressed before they worsen. You want to ensure your roof is in prime condition before a strong storm hits your area to reduce the risk of storm damage.

2. Check for Dead Trees Around Your Home

Walk through your yard and check for dead or dying trees, which are at risk of being uprooted  and hitting your home during a strong storm due to weakened roots. Any compromised trees should be removed by an experienced professional.

3. Look for Gaps and Cracks in Your Foundation

Gaps or cracks in the home’s foundation provide entry for water to seep into your home, especially during a storm. Call a professional to conduct an inspection. Also, make sure windows and doors are sealed properly. Apply new weatherstripping if needed so that water can’t enter your home.

4. Consider Your Landscaping

Invest in creative landscaping that will guide water away from your home’s foundation and prevent the possibility of floods. See to it that the ground slopes away from your home, about a quarter-inch per foot going downhill away from your home. 

5. Clean Your Gutters

Gutter cleaning is a critical part of boosting your home’s weather protection. Cleaning your gutters removes clogs that can prevent water from backing up in your gutters and damaging various parts of your home during a storm. 

Alternatively, you can invest in gutter covers that will protect your gutter system from clogs and subsequent water damage. ABC Seamless Siding offers Gutter Helmet®, the gutter protection product Americans have trusted for more than three decades. Call (866) 405-8248 or fill out our contact form to learn more about this product. We serve residents of Anchorage, AK.