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Carolina Gutter Helmet Greer

5 Warning Signs of a Failing Gutter System

By October 26, 2016October 17th, 2023No Comments

While often overlooked, gutters can protect your home from extensive water damage. They make this possible by directing rainwater away from your home. Since water won’t find its way to your exterior and foundation, you can keep your home’s structure intact. At the same time, you can prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

Gutter System

Unfortunately, years of compromised service can take its toll on your gutters. In fact, you might even notice some of the warning signs. Carolina Gutter Helmet, your provider of quality gutter protection in Greer, SC, and the surrounding areas, shares five of them.

  1. Cracks in the System—Check your gutters for cracks along their length. These can hamper your system from doing its job. While larger cracks are alarming, be sure to take note of smaller ones. They can worsen over time, leaving your home open to water penetration. In fact, it can even lead to damage on shingles and the fascia boards behind the system. By installing Gutter Helmet, you can provide enhanced protection to your gutters.
  2. Rust and Peeling Paint—Some of the other telltale signs of a failing gutter system include peeling paint and rust formation. Rust indicates that your gutters are exposed to a considerable amount of standing water. This means your gutters might not be channeling water effectively. There might be cracks, splits, or other damage present, as well. Gutter Helmet can provide your system with the long-lasting protection it needs. This way, the system will stay functional longer.
  3. Pooling Water—The presence of pooling water inside your system also suggests clogging, or even a defect. These pools of water will eventually overflow, leading to significant damage to your home’s foundation and walls. You can expect lengthy, costly repairs because of this. With Gutter Helmet installed, clogging will not be an issue. This product comes with a patented nose-forward design, allowing rainwater to flow through your gutters without a problem.
  4. Water Streaks along Your Exterior—Rainwater constantly dripping from cracked gutters and into your walls result in unsightly stains and streaks on your exterior walls. Fortunately, Gutter Helmet has a PermaLife™ finish. This is a high-performance paint that resists fading, corrosion, and chalking.
  5. Sagging Gutters—With enough buildup of leaves, pine needles, and other debris, your gutters may sag under the additional weight. It will collapse over time, leading to more work and expenses. As Gutter Helmet features a nose-forward design, rainwater will simply flow through your gutters smoothly while shedding leaves, pine needles, and debris off. Its textured and ribbed surface can also withstand extreme weather, including heavy rainfall, snow loads, and high winds.

Most of these warning signs are due to clogging, an all-too familiar issue for homeowners. To prevent your gutters from failing prematurely, make sure they remain clog-free all year round. You can do this with excellent gutter protection in Greer, SC and the local area, courtesy of Carolina Gutter Helmet.

Making the most of your gutter system’s life is easy with Gutter Helmet. If you’re ready to experience its many benefits, call Carolina Gutter Helmet today.