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5 Tips to Avoid Being Taken by Storm Chasers

By August 21, 2015October 18th, 2023No Comments

Strong winds and heavy rain can do significant damage to your home during a storm. In the aftermath, it’s only natural to want to get your home fixed as soon as possible. Unfortunately, unscrupulous characters are keenly aware of that. If you’re not prepared, you’ll be vulnerable to shady contractors looking to make a few easy bucks.

While many storm chasers are legitimate, a certain segment will solicit seniors and other trusting homeowners with repair rates that are too good to be true. They may leave behind sub-standard work, or do no work at all. Gutter Helmet® Systems, the leading provider of gutter covers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, gives you six tips to avoid being exploited by storm chasers.

1. Research the company’s reputation and history. Storm chasers are usually based out-of-state, so check their license plates and business address. Be wary of contractors with no previous work history in the area. Trust only contractors with a verifiable history, a physical business address and recommendations from local homeowners.
2. Check the contractor’s license. Make sure that the contractor you work with is licensed and registered with the state and local government. Contact your community’s state attorney general’s office and licensing board to check for disciplinary actions and complaints.
3. Check the contractor’s insurance. Established companies have comprehensive insurance to protect you from liability. If a contractor is uninsured, they may be a storm chaser looking to make quick buck at your expense.
4. Avoid contractors that pressure you for a full or substantial down payment. Some storm chasers don’t care about quality work; once you pay them, they are done with you. Never pay the entire amount up front.
5. Never sign a contract without reading the fine print. Always take the time to read your contract thoroughly and never sign anything before thoroughly investigating the company first

Do your research thoroughly before hiring a contractor. For your peace of mind, work with established companies with a proud history of quality work, like Gutter Helmet® Systems of Pittsburgh. We can help you protect your home from even the strongest storms by installing Gutter Helmet on your gutters. Give us a call to learn more about our product, or to schedule a free estimate.