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If every inch of storage space in your home is at a premium, it’s time to start thinking outside the cabinet! Before your kitchen table becomes a clutter-catcher and the countertops are lost under dinnerware and pans, consider these hidden yet practical places that could become the perfect home for your odds and ends.

  • The attic. Many people have no idea where their attic is, much less how much storage space it contains. If you have a sloped roof, chances are there is empty space that can be utilized for storage. Keep in mind that unfinished attics will not be insulated, so you should only store items that can’t be damaged by extreme temperatures.
  • Room corners. The corners of rooms are both overlooked and undervalued. Turn these small, unused spots into beautiful, functional spaces by adding a corner bookshelf or installing wall-mounted shelves to house books and knickknacks.
  • Closet corners. The far corners of closets, like the corners of cabinets, are often an empty black hole begging to be used. Use them more effectively by installing corner shelves up the wall to greatly increase your closet’s storage capacity.
  • Behind doors. Doors have a distinct advantage: they naturally conceal whatever is behind them! That means you can stash practically anything that can be hung behind a door: coats, purses, belts, robes, a shoe organizer and more. Or approach this solution a different way by having a handyman build a set of shallow shelves and mount it to the wall just behind the door.
  • Under the stairs. The stairwell is a great place to store items that aren’t used very often. Keep these items hidden by installing a curtain or door. As an alternative, add a shelving system that matches the color and design of the stairs for eye-catching organization.

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