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5 Design Must-Haves for Aging in Place

By September 4, 2017October 18th, 2023No Comments

More homeowners are choosing to grow old in the homes they’ve lived in for many years, rather than moving to unfamiliar housing. If you decide that aging in place is what you’d like to do, you will likely need to make some changes to your home to accommodate this plan. These design changes will help you live more comfortably and safely in your own home.

Aging in Place

Accessible Entryways – If you need to use a walker or wheelchair to move throughout your home, you want wide entryways. For doorways, we recommend a 36-inch width so that a wheelchair-bound person can be pushed easily into the home or room when necessary. If you are in the midst of planning a large-scale remodel and can widen the hallways to 42 inches, you will have a better turning radius over a narrower space.

Single-Story Living – In a nutshell, this means no steps to enter your home and everything you need on one floor. Stairs are a major fall hazard for many people, both young and old. If you can modify at least one entrance to your home to be wheelchair accessible, it will be much safer for all parties. Also, make sure that you have rain gutter shields on your gutters to prevent clogged gutters overflowing onto walkways and entrances and causing a fall hazard.

Door Handles and Faucet Controls – Generally grasping a doorknob isn’t difficult, but for someone with arthritis, it may be close to impossible. Select lever-style door handles for easy opening of doors. Similar options are available for bathroom faucets, but even better are touchless faucets for both kitchen and bathrooms.

Switches and Outlets – Consider motion-activated lights in hallways to eliminate the need to turn on and off switches. For rooms where a motion-activated light isn’t a good option, lower the light switches to 42-48 inches from the floor. Also ask your electrician to raise your outlets to 18-24 inches above the floor to make them easier to use from a wheelchair, or simply for less bending.

Bathroom Safety Features – Although the stairs are a major area of falls in homes, so are bathrooms. Climbing over the edge of a tub isn’t easy when we age. A walk-in shower with sturdy grab bars is a much better option. Installing grab bars near the toilet can also be beneficial. Comfort height toilets are slightly higher than standard ones, making it easier to lower yourself or stand back up.

Experienced Gutter Guard Installation

Whether you’re working with a home remodeling company or a handyman, ask about changes they’ve made to help others age in place. They may also have recommendations for your special circumstances. Of course, you’ll want to make some changes to your home’s exterior too. One of the top recommendations for seniors is to install Gutter Helmet®, the best gutter guards for leaves, on your home. They will eliminate the need to climb on a ladder and clean gutters several times a year. We’re ready to help you schedule your no-obligation estimate for gutter guards from Gutter Helmet. Call (800) 824-3772 today.