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Your home is not getting any younger; it is aging, and it needs more upkeep than it used to. There are some ways, however, to bring back its original charm or upgrade its look. Gutter Helmet® of Michigan, one of the leading home improvement contractors in the area, shares four home improvement projects to prioritize this summer.

4 Worthwhile Home Upgrades to Prioritize This Summer

1. Gutter Protection System

We can’t stress enough how important it is for your gutters to remain clean and clog-free. That’s because this exterior component redirects the rainwater that hits your roof away from your home’s foundation. Debris buildup in this area forces water to settle and eventually spill. This isn’t good news: moisture can harm the wooden components of your home.

To avoid clogging, invest in high-quality gutter guards like Gutter Helmet. This gutter cover system has advanced features that prevent leaves and twigs from entering your gutters. Plus, it has a PermaLife™ coating that comes in a variety of colors that can match any home style.

2. Roof

A damaged roofing system can compromise your home’s facade. This is why a prompt repair or replacement is necessary to maintain your exterior’s beauty. The question: how can you tell if it’s time to get in touch with your roofer? Observe if your roofing system is leaky, has missing or loose shingles, or curling. These are the early signs that your roof is failing or about to succumb to the elements.

3. Window

Windows are important design elements of your home. With the right style, you can enjoy a more attractive and energy-efficient home. Plus, the abundant amount of daylight passing through your windows fosters a bright, airy vibe and creates the illusion of a bigger home.

4. Siding

Revamp your exterior by adding a new siding system. Ditch the traditional and inconvenient exterior painting, and shift to a low-maintenance cladding. This won’t just add contour to your home but will also protect your walls from debris impact and other harsh elements.

To bring the best out of your investment, turn to Gutter Helmet for your home remodeling projects. We offer high-quality covers for your gutters and other products that can help reinvigorate your home’s appeal. Call us today at (800) 824-3772 to learn more about our products and services. We serve residents of Wyoming and other nearby areas in Michigan.