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Gutters without any layer of protection are prone to clogging. That’s because leaves, twigs and other external objects can freely enter the system. When debris accumulates in this area, water will have nowhere to go to and spill over the sides. This is why homeowners should take extra effort to protect this exterior component.

Keeping Gutters Free Flowing

RBC Roofing, the premier gutter cover contractor, shares four tips to maintain a clog-free gutter system.

1.Leaf and Twig Management

The falling leaves and twigs from a nearby tree can pile up on your roof and gutters. When there’s an excessive amount of debris in the channels, water won’t flow as it should. Homeowners need to trim the branches to minimize the number of leaves that gather in your gutter system.

2.Regular Gutter Maintenance

While cleaning your gutters might seem like the best solution, it poses a risk to your safety. Your lack of tools and knowledge about how the system works can often lead to more serious issues. Plus, it’s also backbreaking work, which should be left to professionals or eliminated entirely.

3.Hiring Professionals

Some local gutter contractors provide gutter maintenance services, where they can clean, maintain and repair your gutters using their extensive training and equipment. On the other hand, other companies offer gutter protection products, such as gutter caps, that prevent debris from ever building up in the first place, removing maintenance from the equation.

4.Installing Gutter Covers

With a high-quality gutter guard system like Gutter Helmet®, you won’t have to deal with cleaning your gutters all the time. Gutter Helmet employs surface tension, a physical property of fluids causing them to adhere to each other and take the shape of the container.

Unlike other gutter caps, the shape of Gutter Helmet “guides” water into an opening too small for litter to go through, but big enough to admit water. As a result, the dregs fall off the side, leaving your gutters free-flowing.

When it comes to your gutter protection needs, RBC Roofing is the company you can trust. Call us today at (866) 676-9805 to learn more about our products and services. We serve residents of Tolar and other nearby areas in Texas.