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Your gutters’ main job is to protect your roof, walls, foundation and landscaping by catching rainwater and directing the water to your downspouts. Gutters, however, are susceptible to debris buildup. Since clogged gutters cause all sorts of problems, it’s better to invest in a gutter protection system.

Gutter Helmet Stands Out

Fortunately, we install one of the best gutter guard systems on the market: Gutter Helmet®. Here are the features that make our product stand out:

  1. Nose-Forward Design – Other gutter protection systems use grates, screens and other methods to filter out leaves, twigs and other debris. However, most products have vertical openings that can allow seeds, pods and other small objects into your gutters, which can cause clogs when they accumulate. Gutter Helmet, on the other hand, features a nose-forward design that completely covers your gutters, letting debris fall to the ground.

  1. Heavy-Duty Mounting Brackets – Unlike other gutter protection systems, Gutter Helmet stays in place no matter the weather. We install the product over reinforced heavy-gauge aluminum alloy brackets. This allows Gutter Helmet to withstand high winds, strong impacts and other severe conditions.

  1. Ribbed Surface – Gutter Helmet’s design and ribbed surface utilizes surface tension to allow water to smoothly flow into your gutters. The textured surface causes rainwater to cling to it as it follows the curve of the nose-forward design and enters a small horizontal slit. This combination of features allows Gutter Helmet to handle heavy downpours.

  1. PermaLife™ Finish – Gutter Helmet is also unique because it comes in a wide range of colors. These colors are available in a PermaLife finish that won’t fade, chalk and corrode. During our first meetings, we can help you choose the Gutter Helmet color that best matches your existing roofline.

Gutter Helmet is one of the best gutter guard systems on the market because of its reliability and excellent performance. It can protect your gutters even under heavy rainfall – rated up to 22 inches of rain per hour. Carolina Gutter Helmet and More is an official Gutter Helmet dealer with over 18 years of experience. Call us at (866) 882-8292 to learn more about our services and products or to get a free quote. We serve Greer, SC, and other areas.