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One of the most dreaded tasks homeowners face is cleaning gutters. If you don’t have the right rain gutter guard system and you have trees nearby, you’ll have to clean your gutters regularly. This task takes time and effort. However, if you have the right tools, you can make the job easier and faster. Here are some tools you may not know about that can help!

Gutter Broom

You can find many different styles of gutter brooms on Amazon and at your local home improvement store. Basically, the brush attaches to an extension pole to help you brush debris out of your gutters.  You’ll still need a ladder to reach the gutter to see what you’re doing, however, with a gutter broom, you won’t have to move it as frequently. You’ll likely still need a scoop of some sort and possibly even a gutter flusher. Some brooms come packaged with a grabber and dustpan to remove the debris from your gutters. Remember, if you sweep everything to the downspout, be careful to avoid causing a clog.

Vacuum Attachment

Sometimes called a “gutter vacuum,” the name can be misleading for two reasons. First, it’s really just an attachment and, second, it can either go on your shop vac or leaf blower. The attachment can either blow the leaves out of your gutter or suck them up. Some products are long enough that you don’t have to climb a ladder, which is a time-saver. However, if you blow the debris out, you’ll still have to clean it up off the ground. These attachments work best with dry leaves and debris.

Gutter Flusher

Let’s say you’ve used the vacuum attachment or gutter broom and still have wet debris in your gutters. That’s when you’ll want to use a gutter flusher. It attaches to either a hose or pressure washer to force heavy debris from the bottom of your gutters. That debris will likely go down the downspouts, so avoid forcing too much down them.

Rain Gutter Guard System

Of course, you can always install a rain gutter guard system to eliminate this dreaded cleaning task for good. If you don’t choose the system with the best gutter cover reviews, you’ll likely still end up needing to clean your gutters or the gutter covers, so do your due diligence before purchase.

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