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In addition to keeping up with your roof’s scheduled maintenance, there are a few other things that you can do to get the most out of your roof. In today’s post, gutter protection service company Gutter Helmet® of Northern Minnesota shares roof care tips that can help prolong your roof’s service life.

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1. Keep the Gutters Clean — Many people consider the gutters to be a separate system from the roof, but the roof can suffer direct damage from overflowing gutters if water infiltrates the roof’s edge. In winter, this can contribute to ice dam formation. Cleaning the gutters twice a year can help prevent such problems. A quality gutter protection system like Gutter Helmet® can eliminate the need to clean your gutters.

2. Keep the Attic Properly Ventilated — Trapped heat and moisture in the attic can damage attic insulation and the wooden components within, as well as cause ice dams during winter. If the attic temperature is drastically different from the outdoors, it requires proper ventilation. Ask your roofing contractor about replacing existing ridge and soffit vents or installing ventilation fans on the roof.

3. Trim Surrounding Trees — There are several reasons why you should keep trees in your yard trimmed. It helps prevent scratches that can damage the rooftop, it helps reduce the leaves that can get in the gutters, and it prevents small animals from getting onto your roof. If you’re worried about unintentionally harming the trees in your yard, hire a local arborist to trim a 10-foot clearance between the outermost branches and the roof.

4. Perform Regular Roof Inspections — You can use a pair of binoculars or a remote-controlled drone with a camera to perform your roofing inspections. What’s important is you get a closer look at your roof, take note of issues such as missing flashing or damaged shingles, and have your roofing contractor perform repairs. Timely repairs can help prolong your roof’s life. Repair costs can also be lower compared to what it would have cost if done at a much later date.

Gutter Helmet® of Northern Minnesota is your leading provider of gutter protection service in Culver, Minnesota, and surrounding communities. Give us a call at (800) 824-3772. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.

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