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As a homeowner, you always want to get the best home improvement that your budget would allow. If you’re getting a new roof and you have the overhead for upgrades, you might as well get them. In today’s post, local gutter guard installer ABC Seamless Siding shares the best upgrades you should consider for your upcoming roof replacement.

Roof Replacement Upgrades

1. Better Insulation — A properly-insulated roof can do wonders for your energy bill, particularly during seasons of extreme cold, as it helps prevent thermal loss. This helps reduce your indoor heating requirements, which, in turn, can lower your heating bill. Roof insulation can also help reduce ice dams during winter. This is an important upgrade if you are considering finishing an attic into a bedroom or home office.

2. Laminate Shingles — Traditional three-tab shingles are perfectly fine, however, you’re doing your home a disservice if you’re not even considering laminate shingles. These are asphalt shingles that are made of two asymmetrically cut layers, which is meant to imitate the hand-cut look of wood shakes. It is also twice as thick as three-tab shingles, which means less better protection against punctures. Laminate shingles also have higher wind resistance ratings, and usually have better warranty coverage.

3. Low Maintenance Gutters — Nobody counts gutter cleaning as one of their favorite things to do, yet it needs to be done. Or, if you’re upgrading your roof, why not take this opportunity to upgrade your gutters along with it? Upgrading to seamless gutters eliminate the need to scrape and reapply caulk to joints and seams, because there would be none of the latter to begin with. An efficient gutter protection system like Gutter Helmet® would eliminate the need to clean your gutters because leaves, twigs, and all manner of debris wouldn’t get into the gutter troughs.

4. Eave Flashing — Eave flashing, also known as drip edge, is a type of flashing installed at the roof’s edge, which prevents rainwater from seeping into the roof deck through capillary action. While a standard component on some manufacturer-designed roofs, not all roofing systems have this, and can be considered as an upgrade.

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