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Your roof plays a vital role in keeping your home dry and damage-free, which is why you need to keep it in great shape throughout the seasons. While issues are inevitable, you can prevent them from causing costly damage by taking proactive measures.

4 Roof Components


Mr. Fix It, your premier gutter protection service provider, discusses problematic roof components you should pay close attention to.

1. Shingles

As the outermost component of your roof, the shingles bear the brunt of the harsh elements. Once they’re damaged or have gone missing, they can leave your underlayment prone to holes, leaks and other problems. That said, it’s important to inspect your roof regularly to prevent water seepage. You should also fix or replace the shingles when necessary.

2. Fascia

The fascia refers to the front board along your roofline. It protects your roof and your home’s interior from moisture by blocking its entrance. It also adds visual interest to your exterior because it provides a seamless look. Most fascia boards are made of wood, however, which means they are susceptible to rot. When you spot signs of damage, turn to the experts immediately.

3. Soffit

Just like the fascia, the soffit serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose for your home. It protects your roof rafters and sheathing from the elements. Furthermore, it provides ventilation to your attic to help regulate your indoor temperature. Be sure to address holes, cracks and other issues promptly to prevent water and even small animals from infiltrating the system.

4. Gutters

Your gutters play a key role in preserving your home’s structural integrity. They channel water away from your roof, foundation and other vulnerable areas of the exterior from serious damage. The problem, however, is that they’re susceptible to debris buildup. Once they become clogged, they can cause water to overflow.

One of the best solutions to this problem is to install an innovative gutter protection system like Gutter Helmet®. It features a nose-forward design that blocks leaves, twigs and other debris out of the gutters so water can flow freely into the downspouts. Furthermore, it uses heavy-duty mounting brackets to withstand strong downpours, high winds and other severe conditions. With its exceptional features, you can keep your gutters clean with no work on your part.

For top-notch roofing and gutter protection service, turn to Mr. Fix It right away. We have the unmatched expertise to keep your home structurally sound. Call us today at (866) 985-9437 to learn more about our products and services. You can also request a free estimate. We serve Ashland and nearby areas in Virginia.