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Your home remains safe from water damage if your gutters stay clog-free. However, some factors can disrupt the proper flow of rainwater in your gutter system. Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore, one of the leading gutter guard companies in the area, discusses the four reasons clogging occurs, in today’s blog post.

Gutters Clogged

1. Poorly Designed Downspouts

Technically, gutters and downspouts don’t come in one piece; they are usually strung together using an accessory called a gutter outlet. Contractors cut round openings, which are often smaller than the downspout itself. When the slits are too small, clogging is most likely to happen.

2. Leaf Litter

Blown-away leaves are one of the primary causes of gutter clogging. When they pile up in your gutters, water will settle in the metal channels and eventually spill over the sides. Whatever forms of debris you find in your gutter system, remove them as quickly as possible.

3. Ice Dams

Clogged gutters can accelerate ice dam formation by causing water to pool inside your gutters instead of running directly to the downspouts. This water then freezes and forms icicles, which can create some safety concerns.

4. Lack of Gutter Covers

Without any layer of protection, your gutters are vulnerable to clogging, which is why it’s best to invest in an advanced gutter cover system like Gutter Helmet®. This product has a unique nose-forward design and a ribbed surface that prevents leaves, twigs and other unwelcome materials from blocking the openings. Plus, it utilizes the principle of surface tension, which allows water to adhere and swirl around a small slit.

Apart from the cutting-edge design, Gutter Helmet comes with a PermaLife™ finish that provides long-lasting beauty and protection. This multi-layered coating is also backed by the product’s Triple Lifetime Warranty.

Count on Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore, one of the leading gutter guard companies in the area, for your gutter guard installation. Call us today at (866) 333-8150 to learn more about our products and services. We serve residents of Salisbury and other nearby areas in Maryland.