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The coming of winter brings a host of concerns for homeowners. While a White Christmas is a dream for many homeowners, the reality is somewhat disconcerting because the extreme weather wreaks havoc on your home, particularly your roof. That’s why, as a responsible homeowner, it’s crucial to keep your gutters clean by investing in proper gutter protection products.

Clean And Unclog Gutters

These are the four important reasons to clean and unclog your gutters before winter sets in:

       1. Proper Gutter Function

The roofing system relies on gutters to channel water away from your home. Should you neglect to clear them before winter arrives, you will have a hard time doing so because of prevailing weather conditions. Your home will be vulnerable to a host of ice and water damage as a result.

       2. Basement Flooding

Water that should be flowing into your downspouts will only end up flowing over the edge of your roof. When this happens, you can expect flooding to occur. It, in turn, can lead to problems with your home’s foundation and basement. The damage can be both costly and frustrating, so avoid them by investing in maintenance-free, hassle-free gutter protection.

       3. Landscape Damage

Water trapped in clogged gutters won’t go where they can’t do any harm. While you may think you have nothing to worry about because the water trapped in your gutters is frozen, remember that there will come a time when it inevitably melts. When that happens, you may find yourself in trouble. Besides, ice is heavier than water, which could strain the gutter supports and damage it.

      4. Ice Dams

Ice dams are a common problem brought about by clogged gutters. They can lead to leaks and other roofing problems when left unattended. Clear gutters are essential to channel melting ice away from your home.

Better safe than sorry. Invest in quality gutters and gutter protection systems like Gutter Helmet®. This way, you won’t have to worry about the fussy chore of clearing out your gutters of bothersome debris when winter does come.

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