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Your gutters have the important task of protecting your home from water damage. They catch rain and redirect it to your downspouts, where they safely deposit rain away from your home. When your gutters don’t do their job, your home is at risk of stained siding, roof leaks, damaged landscaping, and a cracked foundation. You need to be aware of the numerous ways that gutters can overflow.

Gutters Overflow

  1. Clogged downspouts – Downspouts prevent rainwater from saturating the soil around your home. If debris clog them, water can back up in your gutters and overflow. With nowhere to go but down, rain will cause the soil surrounding your home to get wet. This wet soil can put tremendous pressure and cause your foundation to crack.
  2. Clogged gutters – This is the number one cause for overflowing gutters. When leaves, dirt, and other detritus enter your gutters they can form gutter clogs. When it rains, the water will pool in your gutters and eventually overflow. The water can also splash back onto your roof and seep under your underlayment, causing roof leaks. Fortunately, we can prevent this from happening with the top alternative to leaf guard gutters Charlotte, NC, and the local area, Gutter Helmet. Its innovative nose-forward design utilizes surface tension to make sure that nothing but water enters your gutters.
  3. Too much rain – Sometimes, rain can exceed the capacity of your gutters. It’s best to consult with a gutter professional to evaluate your gutter system. You might need new gutters that can handle substantial rainfall. While getting your new gutters, we also recommend installing Gutter Helmet. Our product can support up to 22 inches of rain per hour, double the highest ever recorded rain value in the U.S.
  4. Too Few downspouts or gutters on your home – Not having gutters on all sides of your home can overwork the existing gutters and cause them to overflow. Having too few downspouts leads to the same result. It’s best to work with a gutter professional to install the right amount of gutters and downspouts for your home.

As the popular alternative to leaf guard gutters in Charlotte, NC, or the local area, Gutter Helmet can help turn gutter clogs into a thing of the past. It has a horizontal rib design and installs over reinforced heavy gauge aluminum brackets. This makes the system strong enough to handle torrential downpours. Call us today to learn more about gutter clogs and how we can prevent them. You can also ask for a free quote.