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Gutters play a critical role in preventing water damage to your roof, siding, landscape and foundation. The problem is they are vulnerable to clogging. To make sure they continue to perform properly, it’s essential to inspect and clean them at least twice a year.

4 Most Common Causes of a Clogged Gutter System

Today, Gutter Helmet® of Minnesota, your premier source of gutter protection service, discusses the four most common causes of gutter clogs:

1.  Muck and Sludge

If organic materials like guano and animal carcasses accumulate in your gutters, they will break down over time into a black, slimy substance. Not only this can render the system useless, but it also increases the risk of mold, mildew and bacterial growth.

2. Ice Dams

With Minnesota’s frigid winters, there’s a high chance that ice dams will form in your gutters if you don’t take preventive measures. Ice dams can cause water to back up in your gutters and damage your roof, fascia, siding and foundation. The added weight can also cause the gutters to sag and tear away from your home, which is a safety hazard.

3. Birds’ Nests

Gutters make a great home for birds because of their curved tracks and the dip above the downspout. Birds’ nests are composed of dead leaves, sticks and animal fur, materials that can easily create a blockage in the gutter. Not only will this impair your gutters’ ability to properly channel water away from your home, but it can also make cleaning more difficult.

4. Leaves and Twigs

Leaves and twigs are by far the most common culprits behind gutter clogs, especially during the fall. To keep them at bay, it’s best to prune away overhanging branches or remove the problematic trees.

Fortunately, there’s one ultimate solution to keep your gutters clog-free all the time: Gutter Helmet. This innovative gutter defense system comes with debris-blocking features to prevent debris from entering your gutters, allowing water to flow smoothly into your downspouts.

As your reliable gutter protection service provider, we’ll be happy to explain more about Gutter Helmet and show you how the system can bolster your home’s defense against water damage, while saving you time and money on maintenance. Contact us at (866) 200-5339 to learn more. We serve various areas in Minnesota, including Monticello.